Wolf Sponsorship

Yes, I would like to become a Sponsor for 4 Corners Wolf Dog Rescue Sanctuary, Inc. to help support and care for abandoned and neglected Wolves and Wolf Dogs.

When you become a Sponsor, you will receive a Wolf Pack Spirit Box which will include our quarterly newsletter along with a window decal, magnet, an annual calendar or similar gift, as a thank you for your contribution.  Items will be based on the Sponsorship level you choose.

Alpha $2500 The dominant pack leader and the largest in the pack; they hunt and rely on their beta for aid.

Beta $1500 They help lead the hunts with the alpha and are always keeping watch for fights with the Alpha for rank promoting. They are large, but not as large as the Alpha.

Selsa $1000 Lower or lesser Betas, they are protectors and part of the hunting party.

Delta $500 A lesser wolf but the most dominant of the under ranking wolves; a hunter.

Gamma $250 The Betas of the Deltas.

Epsilons $100 Wolves with no rank; hunters.

Zeta $75 First assumed rank wolves that will be appointed; also part of hunting party.

Lota $50 The bulk or largest group of the pack containing pups that are just maturing into young adulthood; hunters.

Omega $25 Wolves at the lowest level, being somewhat troublemakers, they are shown no mercy but can move up in rank eventually

Sponsorships are renewable and always tax deductible! Thank you for your generous support!