4 Corners Wolf/Dog Rescue/Sanctuary Inc. is in the beautiful NW part of New Mexico. We have been involved in rescue work since 2014 and became a legal 501(c)3 non-profit in early 2015.

Our mission is to rescue wolf-dogs of any content, and provide lifetime sanctuary. We rescue those who have been neglected or abused, and those who are unsocialized. We feel these animals deserve to be treated with love and respect. Our goal is to offer a healthy and safe atmosphere where they can live knowing they are safe. The health and happiness of these animals is our priority.

Since inception we have grown so much. We currently house 18 wolf-dog rescues, with that number always growing. We are happy to announce that we have purchased 80 acres in the mountains. Our new location is in Sandoval County, New Mexico. We are so excited about the growth and the opportunity this will allow us. We will move our current animals to the new location once we have our volunteer housing ready and the enclosures set up. We will have the ability to save many more with this move. This much space will allow us to build larger enclosures for our animals on property that is very secluded and is heavily treed. This will allow them the privacy and peace they so deserve. For our beautiful pack this move means everything. From cool mountain air in the summer, to deep snow in the winter. This is the type of land they need to thrive. Here they will flourish in elevations just over 7600 feet. They will have the privacy and space to really come out of their shells and live in a way that is appropriate for them.

For updates on our Bring Us Home Project, check our weekly blog. We will be posting updates on where we are at with the project and how close we’re getting to bringing our pack to our new property.

We currently do not allow visitors at the Sanctuary; our main concern is for the animal’s safety and well-being. In the future this will change.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.