So what do you know about wolves and wolf dogs?  There is so much information floating around that isn't true. 

We honestly feel that education is key! Wolves belong in the wild, they are a valuable asset to our eco system.  They are an important part of the balance of the wildlife populations and contrary to the lies that are spread by those who refuse to accept the truth, they are NOT decimating the moose, deer and elk populations.  In fact, those numbers are currently at a very healthy population. We have many areas that are flourishing now because of the reintroduction. While we admit there are some livestock kills, it isn't at the level you are led to believe, and the government does have a program to reimburse those who have had losses. I dare say, I have read reports of some who report false claims for cash, and nothing more than  to try and make wolves out to be something they are not.

Wolf dogs are a cross breed, a mix if you will, that is the breeding of an animal that is wolf or part wolf with another dog or animal that is already cross bred with a wolf.  There are phenotyping skills and some DNA tests that are used to evaluate specific animals to determine the actual content of wolf in the animal.  Let me also point out, there are many animals that are sold, bred and handed off that have claims of being high content.  Buyer beware, most are fraudulent. While there are a handful of breeders who are more educated and honest, they are few.  As a rescue I can assure you we have many that are lower than they were claimed to be. 

 I actually love the animals immensely and they are amazing to get to know.  Each is as individual as each person you might meet, and if people were more responsible with ownership, I would love to know they were out there living it up. However, this is not the case. It is like all other animal rescue...there are to many and not enough homes to go around.  We have far to many cases of abuse, neglect and far to many people that want them until they discover the challenges they face in keeping one.

As we move forward in days ahead I am going to share my views, and my stories that we live here at the rescue.  We will try to educate and help people understand what its like living with a wolf dog.  Believe me, it isn't easy!

Until next time!