4 Corners Wolf/Dog Rescue/Sanctuary Inc. is in the beautiful NW part of New Mexico. We have been involved in rescue work since 2014 and became a legal 501(c)3 non-profit in early 2015. We currently house 17 wolf dog rescues, with that number always growing. Our primary focus is on Wolves, Wolf-dogs, Northern Breeds, and feral dogs who have been captured or captive bred, with no hope of being adoptable or releasable.

There are thousands of cases every year, of animals that are in situations of neglect and/or abuse with no where to go. Our goal is to provide these animals with a safe, enriching place to live out their lives as permanent residents. We strive to meet all their physical and emotional needs to allow them a life with dignity and happiness they have never been allowed to experience. We are a very small organization at this time, but we are growing fast and are always open to partnering with others who are interested in helping us grow and improve the quality of life of each of our residents.

We currently do not allow visitors at the Sanctuary; our main concern is for the animal’s safety and well-being. In the future this may change.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.