Welcome to 4 Corners Wolf Sanctuary

What is rescue and why do we do it?

Animal rescue is a world that can make you or break you, both physically and mentally. It’s a world full of sadness and despair along with incredible moments of triumph; a vacuum that sucks you in and once you are in, it can be hard to walk away. There are too many stories to count and too much need. It’s a mission field known for its high stress and deep emotion. Many will not understand, but others who also do rescue work will understand.

The whole idea is to find your way through all the heartache, sadness, and anger and cling to the happy endings that give you the strength to rescue another day. We are witnesses to some of the most grievous cases of abuse and neglect of these animals. Some for greed, some for ego, but all misguided ideas of man to control the magnificent creature, the Wolf, and Wolf-Dog.

Our mission is to rescue and save these animals from the deplorable conditions in which we find them and to help them regain trust in human nature. To provide safety, happiness, and the time to heal and the memories to fade.

Do we ever learn from our mistakes? We must find a way to heal all the wrong we have inflicted on the planet and ALL its inhabitants. Compassion heals the broken-hearted.

We may not be able to save them all, but to the ones we do save, it is everything.